Medical Waste Managment.

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Medical waste

Infectious waste is defined as waste from medical or veterinary treatment and/or associated teaching, research, and diagnostics that contains viable microorganisms or toxins that.

Medicines and packaging

We have a wide range of packaging for expired medicines and temperature-sensitive products. The packaging meets strict requirements for insulation and impact protection and can be combined with different types of refrigerants.

Medical Electronic Waste

Electrical and electronic waste includes all products that run on electricity or batteries.EW products are products that need power or battery to work, such as blood glucose meters, blood pressure monitors, fever thermometers, and the like.

Residual waste

These can be disposed of in residual waste in closed packaging such as in a plastic bottle/beverage carton. The syringes themselves are disposed of as residual waste. Other medical equipment such as plastic hoses/rubber gloves/pill trays, etc.
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We provide a full range of products catering to various demands for medical waste disposal, which include:
downloaded and accessed frequently by users, you need
offer an experience that isn’t available elsewhere. Often
businesses get caught up.
- Hospital waste sterilizer (with shredder) for on-site treatment in hospitals, health-care centers and clinics
- Medical waste autoclave for commercial operators of medical waste disposal
-Dedicated medical waste shredder for reducing volume of the sterile waste
-Mobile medical waste treatment station for any flexible solution and emergency demands

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